Latest CityLine News


Dale Wamstad sells development just east of Richardson's CityLine - August 25, 2015 (Dallas Morning News)

CityLine shopping center in Richardson is getting a second phase
 - August 5, 2015 (Dallas Morning News)



KDC unveils final look for $1.5B CityLine development in Richardson - July 28, 2015 (Dallas Business Journal)



Three new restaurants join buzzing CityLine in Richardson, including Dallas Mexican Favorite - July 7, 2015 (Culture Map-Dallas)



Whole Foods going up at CityLine - June 4, 2015 (Dallas Morning News)



KDC lands two new Pakpao-affiliated restaurant concepts at CityLine - May 1, 2015 (Dallas Business Journal)



CityLine Market announces 4 new tenants - Mar 31, 2015 (Dallas Business Journal)


KDC, Richardson to open new CityLine Drive, paving way for $1.5B project - Mar 31, 2015 (Dallas Business Journal)

Richardson is getting massive development next door to State Farm - Feb 19, 2015 (Dallas Morning News)

State Farm COO: New Richardson hub move-in ahead of schedule - Feb 11, 2015 (Dallas Business Journal)


Major apartment development starts next door to State Farm’s new Richardson campus - Jan 6, 2015 (Dallas Morning News)


State Farm ready to move into its new Richardson digs - Jan 5, 2015 (Dallas Morning News)



CityLine will bring long-term benefits, Richardson officials say - Jan 5, 2015 (Dallas Morning News)


Grilled Cheese Donuts to open at CityLine in Richardson - Dec 18, 2014 (D Magazine) 



Sushi, comfort food restaurants are coming to the CityLine -- State Farm project - Dec 17, 2014 (Dallas Morning News)


Coal Vines pizza and wine coming to Richardson's CityLine project - Nov 11, 2014 (Dallas Morning News)

LOOK Cinemas to be entertainment anchor for CityLine development - Oct 2014

Mixed-used development to complement CityLine - Oct 20, 2014

Groundbreaking for more than 500 apartments in Richardson's CityLine project - Aug 4, 2014 (Dallas Morning News)


CityLine Whole Foods Market will open in Richardson in early 2016 - July 24, 2014 (Dallas Morning News)

An Aloft hotel will be part of Richardson's huge CityLine development - July 1, 2014 (Dallas Morning News)

CityLine named year's top mixed-use development deal - May 20, 2014